The number of oral cancer cases has increased over the last decade and now over 11,000 people have diagnosed with head and neck cancer annually in the UK alone. This is why we offer a potentially life-saving mouth cancer check during your routine check-up. The earlier oral cancer is picked up, the more likely any treatment will be successful.

Mouth cancer can occur anywhere in the oral cavity so, during a simple check, we look at the following areas of your mouth:

  • Inside your top and bottom lip, and further down the sides of your mouth.
  • Inside your cheeks
  • Your tongue (while it is at rest and also while moving from side to side)
  • The floor and roof of your mouth

We also look for unusual swellings, abnormalities and other changes to your face, neck or lips.

We can also offer advice related to your diet, tobacco use and alcohol consumption, as well as suggest other ways help you reduce your risk of developing oral cancer.

It is wise to get to know your mouth so you can easily spot any changes which may include:

  • Swallowing difficulties
  • A sore spot that doesn’t heal
  • Red or white patches
  • Odd lumps
  • Numb areas of the tongue or mouth
  • Loose teeth
  • a persistent sore throat or hoarse voice
  • Unexpected swelling in the jaw
  • Uncomfortable dentures
  • Persistent earache or blocked nose

Please let us know if you notice any changes to your mouth in between your routine appointments.