A treatment as individual as you.

At Care Dental, we put you first. Our dentists will be happy to discuss your needs in one of our comfortable, well-equipped treatment rooms. 

Find out more about the dental treatments we offer below.


    General Dentistry

    Prevention is better than cure – regular visits to our hygiene team will remove bacteria and plaque from your mouth that cause bleeding and swollen gums, a bad taste in your mouth, bad breath and other general health-related problems.

    Regular oral health assessments with our clinicians ensure your long-term dental health through oral cancer screening and digital x-rays, keeping you free from pain and focused on ‘teeth for life’.

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      Repairing teeth

      Do your teeth keep breaking? We can prevent this by treating the cause, which is often the way you bite down on your teeth. By re-aligning your bite we can alleviate unnecessary forces which cause your teeth to break. 


        Replacing teeth

        Our Care Dental dentists can help restore your confidence with replacements for missing teeth: from single implants to bridges, only you will know they’re there. If you have missing teeth the teeth around the gap can overerupt or move into the space. This movement can cause problems with chewing and can overburden other teeth. Dental implants are the most natural solution to replace missing teeth.

          Teeth Whitening


          Smile Styling

          Whiter, Straighter, younger, more is easier than you think! Dark or discoloured teeth? We can lighten them with a simple procedure carried out at home. The results are dazzling. Unsightly or mis-shapen teeth can be made to look perfect with veneers.


            Other treatments

            At Care Dental we can help with a whole host of oral concerns, from creating custom mouthguards, treating TMJ and sleep apnoea, to providing anti-ageing treatments. 


              Care & advice

              From how to deal with dental phobias, to advice on common dental conditions, how to keep teeth in top shape and your breath fresh, our Care Dental team can help with all your queries on general dental care and advice.