Emergency dental appointments

If you're experiencing pain or discomfort and need to see a dentist, we have daily emergency appointments available for our registered patients. Out of clinical hours we participate in the Perth on call rota system, of which all our patients have access. 

If you’re in pain or discomfort, and you need to see a dentist urgently in the Crieff area, we can help you.

Call our emergency line: [PRACTICE_EMERGENCY_TELEPHONE]

Talk to one of our friendly team immediately and we will make sure that you’re seen by one of our dentists as soon as possible. We will examine you to discover the source of the pain and talk you through your options so you can be fully in control of the next steps.

Our promise

If you get in touch with us about an emergency appointment, we will aim to:

  • See you on the same day that you contact us
  • Diagnose your dental problem
  • Discuss all treatment options with you
  • Relieve you from pain

We treat you as we would like to be treated: compassionately and with respect.

Get in touch on [PRACTICE_EMERGENCY_TELEPHONE] to find out how we can help you.


Oral health assessments

Regular oral health assessments are advised to complement a good daily oral health routine and to provide a preventative approach to dental issues.


    Repairing teeth

    At Care Dental, we are experts in repairing broken or chipped teeth. Using the latest dental technology we can help you achieve a beautiful, natural smile.