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Dr Bruce Strickland has recently been asked to join the board of the British Association of Restorative Dentists BARD, which aims to improve the standard of Restorative Dentistry in the U.K. through training. He has been asked to join in recognition of his high standards of restorative dentistry and because of his career focus, which has been on dental rehabilitation.

As a practice we treat hundreds of patients who come to us presenting with problems of; worn down teeth, missing teeth, crowns breaking, teeth tipping forwards, some have spaces appearing where the gum used to be, for others their teeth have slowly been ground-down. The common complain for all, is that they have lost their confidence in smiling eating or speaking as a result.

We are fortunate to have within our practice dentists who understand the complexities of these complaints and who look beyond dealing with the problems and instead deal with the cause, therefore restoring patients back to full dental health. To help us to achieve excellent results we also use the skills of our on site dental technicians, creating seamless communication between the patients, the dentist and the technician allowing us to exceed the expectations of you our patients.

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