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Over the years we have built a reputation in the field of reconstructive dentistry. We have patients coming to the practice presenting with problems of; worn down teeth, missing teeth, crowns breaking, teeth tipping forwards, some have spaces appearing where the gum used to be, for others their teeth have slowly been ground–down. The common complain for all, is that they have lost their confidence in smiling eating or speaking as a result.

We excel in treating the cause of these complaints and restoring patients back to full dental health. To help us to achieve excellent results we use the skills of our on site dental technicians, creating seamless communication between the patients, the dentist and the technician allowing us to exceed the expectations of you our customers.

The Dentist

The tool kit is right there beside him
and he embarks on an impossible task
“Just open wide ‘til I look inside”
Oh I wish it were me with the mask.

When finally its over I breathe
Oh the relief as I wipe my brow
I slide off the chair, I need some air but
he says
“The hygienist will see you now!”

The dentists they do deserve credit
Especially the staff at Care Dental
They’re committed, sensitive and loyal
Though I’m sure they think I’m mental!

They’ll enhance your lovely smile
And give you pearly white teeth
So get yourself to Care Dental
They’re in Crieff and my dentist is
I’ve always dreaded the dentist
The thought just fills me with tears
Yet I know they’ve gone to the limits
In a bid to alleviate fears.

There’s headphones to listen to music
Games and tv to provide a distraction
But even the gel to help numb my gums
Doesn’t help while he does an

I walk through the door to reception
And Claire says “just take a seat”
My hands are sweating,
my teeth are all fretting
And I’ve lost the strength in my feet.

Then he pokes his head round the
And he sees the fear in my face
I lie on the chair and say a wee prayer
God, will you tell him – he’s invading
my space.

- Patient

Dear Bruce and team

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the hard work and time that has been involved in restoring my teeth.

The end result is perfect and way beyond my expectations.

And at last I can join the rest of the world’s population in the pastime of enjoying food!

Many, many thanks again.

- Fiona

Dear Bruce and team

Thank you all for all the care and superb attention you have given me over the last year. Perfection is your aim and in my case you certainly achieved that. You were all so supportive and cheery, it gave me huge confidence and helped me through a very difficult time.

As well as being able to eat well again, you put the smile back on my face!!

- Sheona

Until I met you my experiences in the dental chair had always been a trip to hell and back!

My wholehearted recommendation to you Bruce. You are the most compassionate dentist I've ever seen, and you have exceeded my expectations by far.

With your friendly, professional and competent manner along with the wonderful quality of care and attention from both yourself and David, your technician, it is not surprising that on completion my new smile leaves me very happy and extremely grateful of all you have done.

I am absolutely delighted with my beautiful and very natural result, and for the first time in a long time I will smile in confidence.

- Kirsty
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Last Update: 15-Dec-2017
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